Cpeland  Scroll Condensing 



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Emerson Climate Technologies, a business segment of Emerson, is the world’s leading provider of heating, air-conditioning and refrigeration solutions for residential, industrial and commercial

applications. It combines best-in-class technology with proven engineering, design, distribution, educational and monitoring services to provide customized, integrated climate-control solutions for customers worldwide. Climate’s innovative solutions, which include industry-leading brands such as Copeland ScrollTM, improve human comfort, safeguard food and protect the Invironment.

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                   IZSI Indoor Scroll CDU Key Product Advantages


Save on Applied Costs and Assembly time!

• IZSI comes with accessories (e.g. filter drier, sight glass & moisture indicator, pump down solenoid, electrical contactor) thus simplifying component sourcing.

• Consistent quality achieved through factory built CDU


Wide Range Operating Envelope

• LT to MT from -30°C to 5°C evaporating temperature

• Low temperature operation reliability due to liquid injection technology controlled by CoreSenseTM

• Reduced inventory levels due to wide range application


Qualified for R-22, R-404A, R-407 and R-134a

• Multi refrigerant capability enables HCFC phase out

• One unit works with multiple refrigerants thus reducing inventory


Scroll Efficiency and Reliability

• EER improvement leads to annual electrical savings of 10-30% or about $100-$500 per year as compared with reciprocating


systems depending on model

• 70% fewer moving parts than reciprocating

• Superior liquid handling


Smooth Scroll Movement

• Low sound and vibration leading to reliable and peaceful operation

• No complex internal suction and discharge valves for quieter operation and higher reliability


CoreSense™ Technology Liquid Injection Regulation

• Low temperature operation reliability due to Liquid Injection Technology

• Onboard control for Liquid Injection by sensing Discharge Line Temperature (DLT)

• LED Display Alerts User of DLT Sensor Status and EXV Operation